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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Music therapy

Isn't there a saying about music soothing the savage beast?  Or something like that??  For music lovers, different music can elicit different emotions and feelings.  My favorite band, Blue October, elicits a feeling in me that I am not alone in my emotional pain.  Sometimes, however, I have to forego Blue October because it makes me cry uncontrollably (as I learned on the ride back from Lubbock, but I was already emotionally fragile at the time).

My long-time friend, Diane (now goes by Molly), also suffers from Fibromyalgia.  To say that she loves music is like saying we, as humans, need oxygen.  I think she has the right idea, though.  Music seems to be her lifeblood, it keeps her going.  Even if you don't suffer from debilitating pain, music should be an important component in all our lives.

I have been listening to music for as long as I can remember.  I remember that the channel that would become FOX used to just play music, like a radio station on the TV.  My brother and I would sit and listen to it, and our only rock station on the radio, for hours.  My favorite toy was my record player and I would take my momma's records and play them over and over again.  I just loved music, and that never changed.

Since going on medical leave in February, I have done little more than lay in bed and read or play my DS.  The pain was too much to ever get up and do anything other than attend doctor appointments.  Recently, however, I discovered the music channels on cable.  I knew they were there, but never paid much attention to them.  Our local rock station sucks, by the way, so I never listen to it anymore.  Being on medical leave and having no income, I couldn't keep up the payments on my satellite radio, so that was out as well.  But a few weeks ago, I started tuning into the Rock and Classic Alternative music stations on my cable box.  They were good, but not good enough.  At night, I change to the "Soundscapes" station for soothing music as I fall asleep.  Yesterday, however, I discovered the "Retro Rock" and "Classic Rock" stations.  OMG, what a change in my mood!

These two stations play the music I grew up listening to: Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Lynard Skynard, classic Aerosmith, Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra and so many others!  They play songs I haven't heard in years, but still remember the words to; songs that make me want to get up and move; songs that make me smile and make me thing, "I love this song!"; songs that, somehow, remind me that life is worth living and living well.

Honestly, if it weren't for the back pain, I would be dancing!  I actually did try to dance a little on the way to the bathroom, but my back screamed that it was not ready for such movements.

Now, I am not saying the music is curing me.  But it is sure making me feel better emotionally, which improves my mood, and may, eventually, help me with my physical pain.  I am once again tapping my feet and singing along with the music I have always loved (currently Blind Faith's "Can't find my way home").

If it weren't for the pain, I would feel almost normal!  Music does, indeed, sooth the savage beast! Give it a can't hurt (unless you start dancing before your body is ready)!

Gentle hugs and rock on!


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