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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So I'm trying to win a Nook...

If you don't know what a Nook is, it's an electronic book reader much like Amazon's Kindle. It is much more versatile, however. And, the thing is, I've wanted one for quite a while.

My Fibromyalgia has advanced (or deteriorated) to the point that I'm unable to hold even a paperback. As I've been an avid reader since the 2nd grade, having my ability to read books taken away from me is more than I can bear. All I can do these days is read and peruse the Internet. Even typing a simple, short message such as this one takes a lot out of me. But reading has always been my first love and I don't want it taken away only because I can't hold a book long enough to read a single page.

The Nook is lightweight and weighs less than a paperback book, so I'm thinking it is exactly what I need. I was supposed to get one for Mother's Day, but with the looming foreclosure, rising medical costs and general cost of living, it was just not meant to be. So the only way I'm going to get one is if it's giving to me. And since they are giving this one away, I would like the chance to win it.

So I'm asking - nay, begging - for your help to win a Nook from a contest hosted by a website called All you have to do is click on the link. There is no registration or purchase necessary. Just a simple click will gain me points to winning the competition.

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Gentle hugs, gentle reader,


  1. Good luck. I hope you get it.

  2. The person you had been racing with for first. Ran across your blog and decided you deserved it more than him. He put a message out requesting everyone helping to stop until you were leading and he was more than happy with second. Good luck and I hope you win.

  3. Joe (the person I was racing for first) contacted me on Facebook yesterday and we've been messaging back and forth since. He really is a super-amazing guy! His generosity and consideration regarding this contest brought me to tears. I hope to be able to learn more about him, as he seems like the kind of person with whom I would really like to be friends.

  4. We think you are Joe are both awesome, and we're making sure Scott Sigler knows all about this show of personal generosity.

    - The BackMyBook Team

  5. Well to be honest, she was well on her way to flying by me like a Lamborghini passing a 1961 bug. I was just lucky enough to wish her luck before she did. It just makes me look cooler this way. :-)


  6. Joe, you're crazy. You were gaining points so fast I thought I'd never catch up with you, much less pass you by. You might as well just accept the fact that you're double rainbows all the way. ;)

  7. Jessica, I am so excited to see your success in this contest (so far)!

    Also, I'm so glad you got a chance to know some Junkies. As you're finding out, the community over at are simply the best people in the world.

    I think it's all double rainbows all the way.

  8. Thank you, Mr. Sigler! Or can I call you Scott? This contest really has been a lot of fun and I'm amazed at how much support and help I've received from my online friends. Of course, meeting new friends is always a bonus.

  9. Thank you for sharing about your difficulty not being able to hold a book. I thought I was the only one! I am so glad to have read your blog.

  10. Did you win?

    I hadn't thought of this for myself, but I'm thinking of it now! I, too, have times where holding a book, or even a magazine, is too much for my poor paws.

    Glad I popped in!

  11. Yes, I did win! The awesome part was that they also gave Joe, with whom I was competitng, a free Nook as well!

    It's so great. I got a cover for it and now I can just prop it up and read it hands-free. It is SO much easier on my hands. :)


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